Flour Mill Comparison – Features, Specifications, & Mechanisms

flour mill comparison

Choosing the right flour mill machinery is as important as choosing which grains to grind in the flour machine. You need to be aware of the technical details of every flour mill machine and see a demonstration before you buy one for your domestic/commercial needs. 

Let’s have a look at our flour mill machine models and compare their service features and mechanisms. Discover the best flour mill machine for your needs through our comprehensive comparison. Make an informed choice with our flour mill comparison.


Under this flour mill machine category, you get six products with the following motor capacities available:

ProductsMotor capacities available
SSC1 HP, 2 HP, 3 HP
SSC A1 HP, 2 HP, 3 HP
SSC 3041 HP, 2 HP, 3 HP
SSH2 HP, 3 HP, 5 HP (3Ph)
SSH SS3042 HP, 3 HP, 5 HP (3Ph)
MSH2 HP, 3 HP, 5 HP (3Ph)

You can grind all grains with the fineness of 70 mesh and spices like turmeric, Chilli, Black Pepper, etc. You can also grind sugar and coffee and even dry leaves. You cannot grind coriander because it sticks in the liner. So naturally, you cannot grind wet, sticky, or oily materials.

You also have to avoid herbs and large hard materials because they might affect the grinder blades, clog the outlet, or damage the sieve or hammers.

2 in 1 comes with the largest number of sieves – seven – among all other models. It also comes with the lowest noise limit – 85 dB.

The static hammer has considerable friction and runs at 2880 RPM, so they are suitable for all grains but not all spices and herbs. However, the heating level for this machine is lesser than in the stone mechanism. The machine requires no maintenance, but you must avoid putting hard materials into the machine.


MSH D flour mill machine is available in four variants, with different motor capacities.

ProductsModel Capacities Available
MSH D 7.5 HP 3ph (5 HP), 10 HP 3ph, 15 HP 3ph 3 
MSH DD10 HP 3ph 1
MSH PSS7.5 HP 3ph (5 HP), 10 HP 3ph, 15 HP 3ph 3
MSH SS3047.5 HP 3ph (5 HP), 10 HP 3ph, 15 HP 3ph 

The machine characteristics, as compared to 2in1 SSC SSH MSH are as follows:

  1. You can grind coriander in MSH D, but not in 2in1 SSC SSH MSH.
  2. MSH D had four static hammers inside and six outside and an oil tank supporting 350-400 ml of fuel. The gear oil needs to be changed yearly, with an average of 320 ml/yr.
  3. MSH D has an added long-liner mechanism that keeps the machine cool when it becomes hot with high friction. However, the fast air circulation and the bigger air circulation area make it easier to cool down the machine.
  4. MSH D is good for grains and most spices, but not herbs. 2in1 SSC SSH MSH was good for grains but not for most spices and herbs.
  5. MSH D has six anchor fasteners and anti-vibration pads included. 
  6. The noise limit in MSH D is 95 dB, which is higher than 85 dB in 2in1 SSC SSH MSH.
  7. With MSH D, the machine is pulley-belt driven, whereas 2in1 SSC SSH MSH is motor driven.
  8. 2in1 SSC SSH MSH has two hoppers included, whereas MSH D has only one.


The HMS flour mill machine has two product types and motor availabilities:

ProductMotor Availabilities
HMS2 HP, 3 HP, 5 HP
HMS SS3042 HP, 3 HP, 5 HP

The machine characteristics, as compared to the previous two models, are as follows:

  1. HMS is designed for all grains and most herbs – with a large inlet hole to avoid the need for more than one hopper. However, it provides grinding up to 65 mesh.
  2. Unlike the previous two models, HMS uses friction + hammer impact, so you know you will get a fine grinding quality.
  3. The air circulation in HMS is average, but it heats up less than 2 in 1. 
  4. The noise level of HMS is similar to MSH D.

HMS comes with two pedestals, unlike the previous models, which came with none. It also comes with four anchor fasteners, which is less than six in MSH D. This is a disadvantage because HMS does not come with anti-vibration pads.

Our Stand On Our Commercial Flour Mill Machinery

After a thorough comparison of the three commercial-grade flour machines in our collection, we can provide a few main recommendations for a headstart in choosing one as per your needs:

  1. If you want the slightest noise from your flour machine, go for 2in1 SSC SSH MSH.
  2. If you want a moderately cool machine with anchor fasteners and anti-vibration pads included, go for MSH D.
  3. If you want a machine that accommodates all grains and herbs, go for HMS.

We urge you to visit us and have a look at the machine technicalities and demos in detail before choosing one among the ones mentioned above. We also provide customization as per need.

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