Flour Mill Machine Price In India

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Production Capacity: ~ 80-150 kg/Hr

Grinding Materials: All Grains like Wheat, Rice, Maize/Corn, Millet, Besan, Ragi, Juwar, Dal & Small Size Black pepper, Sugar & Few Masala Coriander, Turmeric, Dry leaves, etc

Can’t Grind: No Chili, All Herbs like Clove, Cinnamon or Not Oily or Wet Materials

Electric Motor: 7.5 HP – 20 HP Three Phase

Flour Mill Machine – Technical Details

  • Power: 460 V, 50 Hz
  • Watts: 11000 W
  • Units: 11 kW
  • Amp: 28 A
  • MOTOR RPM: 1440 RPM
  • MACHINE RPM: 3000-3600 RPM
  • Weight: 175 kg
  • Dimension: 64” X 30” X 46”
  • Mechanism: SS304 Chamber, Cutter, Liner, Sieve, Sieve Frame, Hopper, Outlet, Middle Chamber Separator Sieve
  • Accessories:
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Micro Fine Clothe
    • 6 Sieves (Jali)
    • Anchor Fastener
  • Chamber Size:  Big (16″ X 5″) -Small (11″ x 4″)
  • Body Structure: MS & SS304 Chamber

Flour Mill Machine By Reindeer Machinery

Reindeer Machinery has been manufacturing flour mill machines for over three decades. We have the experience and expertise to meet your requirements. Our machines are made using the latest technology and designed to provide you with the best results. We also offer customization options.

Reindeer Machinery is your one-stop shop for all your flour milling needs. We offer a wide range of machines designed to meet your every need. Our product range includes stone crusher, de-stoner, dust collector, elevator, cyclone killer, pulverizer, etc. We are also providing maintenance services for our machines.

A flour mill machine is used to grind wheat into flour. It is also suitable for grinding other grains such as rice, maize, millet, etc. The flour mill machine is available in various sizes and specifications. We can also customize the machine as per your requirement. Our machines are highly efficient and offer a hassle-free performance.

If you are looking for a quality flour mill machine in India, Reindeer Machinery is the right choice. For more information, please feel free to contact us today.

Different Types and Models of Our Flour Mill Machine

  • 1 HP 10 kg per hour – Home Flour Mill

This is a great choice for a home user or a small business that wants to mill their own flour from home or from their shop. This mill can produce up to 10 kg of flour per hour.

  • 2 HP 20 kg per hour – Mini Flour Mill

This mini flour mill is perfect for home use by large families or for restaurants that want to mill their own flour. It can also be used as a small business venture from home or in a shop.

  • 3 HP 30 kg per hour – Flour Mill Machine Price

This flour mill machine has a capacity of 30 kg per hour and is perfect for small businesses like restaurants, hostels, hotels, or even shops from home.

  • 5 HP 50 kg per hour – Flour Mill Machine

This machine is perfect for small businesses that need to mill flour regularly. It has a 50 kg capacity per hour, so it can keep up with moderate demand.

  • 7.5 HP 75 kg per hour – Flour Machine

With a 7.5 HP motor, this machine can produce up to 75 kg of flour per hour, making it the perfect size for a small business.

  • 10 HP 100 kg per hour – Flour Mill Price

This flour mill machine is perfect for a small business that wants to start up their own street shop or for commercial use. Flour Factories can also greatly benefit from this machine.

  • 15 HP 150 kg per hour – Flour Mill Machinery

This machinery is perfect for those looking to start a flour factory. It has the capacity to produce up to 150 kg of flour per hour, making it perfect for commercial use.

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