Flour Mills

Flour Mills –  Price, Features & Manufacturers in India

  •   Capacity: 1 to 20 HP
  •   Production: 10KG to 150KG/batch
  •   Material: All grains and a few spices
  •   Manufacturer: Reindeer machinery since 1983

Reindeer machinery has experience of over 37 years as a flour mills manufacturer in India. We have constantly served our clients from India and all over the world with the best grinding mechanisms.

What is a flour mill?


Flour Mills can be used for domestic purposes, likewise in your homes and commercial purposes. With the help of the flour mill machines, you can crush hard materials into soft powder granules. The clients highly cherish our atta chakki. This is because it can be placed in-home or shop comfortably and is very easy to operate. 

 The flour grinder machines are automatic and requires less supervision.

 There is a wide range of products in this category. They all differ based on their size, shape, and production capacity, and preference of your choice. However, the mechanism of all the machines is identical. 

What to grind in Flour Mills? 


Flour mills grind grains like:      

  •   Wheat
  •   Rice
  •   Millet
  •   Maize
  •   jawar
  •   Dal
  •   Besan
  •   Ragi

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