Rotary Air Lock Valve

Size: 4″ / 6″ / 8″ Diameter

Capacity: 5 HP / 7.5 HP / 10 HP Blower Pulveriser and Impact Pulveriser Machine

Ele Motor: Three Phase

Destoner Machine Price and Details

  • Power: 440V 50Hz
  • Motor RPM: 1440 RPM
  • Body Structure: CI / SS304 (Stainless Steel) body

Rotary Air Lock Valves To Enhance Your Industrial Processes

At Reindeer Machinery, we understand the importance of seamless material handling in India’s diverse industries. That’s why we offer Rotary Air Lock Valves engineered to perfection by Mill Power India. These high-performance valves are the missing link you need to streamline your manufacturing processes.

Our Rotary Air Lock Valves ensure a consistent flow of materials, preventing bottlenecks and reducing downtime. Whether you’re working with powdered, granulated, or abrasive materials, our valves can handle the job with ease, ensuring uninterrupted production.

Invest in the future of your business and take a step towards operational excellence with our rotary airlock valves for pulverizers. Optimize your manufacturing process with the best Rotary Air Lock Valves from Reindeer Machinery!


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