Why do I get an electric shock when I touch the machine’s body?

Do you ever get an electric shock when you touch your flour mill machine? You are not alone. You might be wondering what the problem is and why it is happening. It turns out that many things could cause this to happen, so before we jump into solutions, let’s take a look at some causes for this “shocky” sensation.

7 Reasons For – Why Do I Get An Electric Shock When I Touch The Machine’s Body?

There are many reasons behind giving you an electric shock from machines such as:

1. Machine Body Made Of Conductive Materials

Generally, the machine body is made of MS, SS, CI, AL, or other materials, which means it is conductive.

When current passes through the body of an atta chakki machine, it will cause electrical shock. Generally, people use rubber gloves or wear shoes to reduce this problem.

2. Ground Not Properly Connected With The Supply System

The ground is not correctly connected with the electricity supply system, which causes resistance in the path of electricity and increases heat due to dissipation.

This results in generating a high voltage that can give you shocks if you touch your hands on any grounded metal object like machinery parts etc.

You may have seen some circuit breakers or fuses installed near a wall switch; they provide protection against short circuits by limiting excessive currents when there are overloads caused by a connection wire too long without a proper disconnection point for cables at both ends.

3. Short Circuit At The Point Of Contact Between Hands And Machine Body

When there is a short circuit at the point of contact between your hands and the machine body, it will cause electricity to flow through your hand so that you can experience electric shocks or electrical burns.

If not properly maintained with regular servicing, this problem could cause an accident due to overloads in certain parts like capacitors, etc., which provides a high voltage that causes power surges when switched on.

4. Faulty Switches

Faulty switches are another common reason for electric shocks. According to the National Fire Protection Association, faulty or loose electrical connections in light fixtures can generate a high voltage that may contact humans, causing them an electric shock.

Therefore, it is necessary to check your switch correctly before trying it any time if you want to avoid this problem during your daily work routine.

5. Grounded Metal Part Of The Machine Not Properly Earthed

This means there is no proper connection between the earth’s ground and the grounded metal part of the machine where electricity makes a difference in potential, which will cause resistance when current flows through the body.

So this can give you an electric shock while touching machinery parts etc., especially when you are in wet condition.

6. Electric Motor Issue

Electric motors may also cause electric shocks. This is because the winding of a motor is insulated from the frame, but when insulation fails and current leaks to the frame, it can give you an electric shock or electrical burn.

It might be due to overloads in machinery parts like a capacitor, which provides a high voltage that causes power surges when switched on.

7. Motor Earthing Wire Not Connected With The Main Cable Wire

If the motor earthing wire is not connected with the main cable wire, this causes resistance in the path of electricity and increases heat due to dissipation.

So, it can give you an electric shock or electrical burn through your hand when touching on any grounded metal object like machinery parts, etc., especially if they are in wet condition.

This problem may be caused because there is a poor connection between motor frame and earth ground, faulty switch, loose contacts at switches causing high voltage that comes into contact with humans giving them an electric shock during daily work routine.

How to Avoid Electric Shocks While Handling Machines?

First of all, check whether your chilli grinding machine is properly grounded or not before touching it.

Never try to repair any electrical appliances damaged by water or other liquids because this can lead to serious dangers like electrocution, so always contact professionals for repairs instead of doing anything alone with these machines, especially when faulty switches issue comes into the picture.

These steps will help avoid electric shocks while handling machines at home, shops, factories, and commercial places where heavy-duty machinery parts require regular servicing. But if you are an expert in this field, you can avoid or provide reliable protection against electric shocks.

What Are The Safety Measures To Be Taken While Handling Machines?

If an appliance has been damaged by liquid, stop using it immediately and turn off the power supply at the main switch box to prevent dangerous accidents that could occur when electricity is turned back on.

Never touch any electrical appliances if they are wet because there may be dangerous voltage involved, which can easily cause serious damages like fire outbreaks without proper awareness about these safety measures while handling machines, etc.

So all folks should take care of their personal safety even when working with heavy-duty machinery parts required regular servicing. Due to a lack of professional knowledge or technical support, one may cause hazardous problems very soon unless one takes all precautions seriously without fail.

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