5 Best Flour Mill Machines In India – Brands To Look For

best flour mill machines in India

Whether you are starting a new flour mill business or want to get a flour grinding machine for home use, we have the perfect list of the best flour mill machines in India.

You will find ample flour mills in India, and setting up a similar business can be tough on profits – because how much can you actually modify flour grinders?

Some resellers tend to copy existing flour mill machines and get the technicalities wrong, and some provide false commitments about the machine’s capacity.

To avoid such nuisance, you must get flour mill machines directly from manufacturers who are ready with the technicalities of the machine, positive customer reviews, and demo videos.

With your own flour mill, you can create different flour textures and customize them with multi-grain options – which might make your flour stand out in the market.

Let’s have a look at the five best flour mill machines and their brands in India.

5 Best Flour Mill Machines In India - Top Brands

1. Reindeer Machinery - SS Pulverizer SS304

pulverizer atta chakki stainless steel

Our flour mill machine can grind all grains – Rice, wheat, Besan, Ragi, Millet, Maize, Juwar, Ragi, and Dal.

You can also grind spices, like small-sized black pepper, coriander, ginger, turmeric, dry leaves, dry roots, and even sugar.

The machine will provide an output of 30 mesh spices and 50 mesh sugar. Avoid herbs like cinnamon, cloves, etc., and raw materials that might be wet or oily. 

The machine has a production capacity of 80 to 150 kg per hour, and the motor has a three-phase capacity ranging from 7 HP to 20 HP.

You will get a 5-year warranty on the chamber, and one year each on the Liner, Hammers, Ele Motors, and the Starter. The Sieve has no warranty, which shouldn’t be a problem because you will be getting six sieves with the machine purchase.

You will also be getting a cleaning brush and a microfine cloth, which is great because it would be inconvenient to have your machine not work because the microfine cloth or sieve is damaged.

Our after-sales service is unmatched, and we provide customization as per your needs.

You will get an anchor fastener to prevent the vibrating flour mill machine from damaging your floor. The motor blades are rust-proof, so there is no need to worry about changing those to avoid contamination.

We also have flour mill machines suited to the scale of the businesses:

  1. 1 HP machine producing 10 kg of flour per hour is for flour mill businesses at home or even for domestic use.
  2. 2 HP machines producing 20 kg of flour per hour and 3 HP machines producing 30 kg of flour per hour are for small flour businesses or restaurants.
  3. To keep up with moderate commercial demand, we also have 5 HP machines producing 50 kg of flour per hour and 7.5 HP machines producing 75 kg of flour per hour.

For small shops and flour factories, we have 10 HP machines producing 100 kg of flour per hour and 15 HP machines producing 150 kg of flour per hour.

2. Natraj Viva Atta Chakki


Editor’s Rating – 4.1/5

Natraj is one of India’s most popular domestic flour mill machinery brands – in terms of quality and years of experience in the market.

You can grind pulses and spices in this automatic flour mill machine at home. The machine utilizes grinding at low temperatures to avoid losing out on color, aroma, and taste.

In addition, the machine is energy saving – because it uses only 0.75 units of power hourly and produces 7-10 kgs even at a low voltage of 175 V. So if you have problems with power voltage fluctuation at your home, this is the perfect flour mill machine for you.


    1. Power saving.
    2. Works well at low voltage conditions
    3. The motor has a speed of 2800 RPM that is silent while working.
    4. The enclosed filter prevents moisture from seeping into the atta container and makes it leakproof.
    5. The grinding chamber is made of LM 6 aluminum so that it won’t rust, is long-lasting, and is 100% made for edibles.
    6. The machine will shut off if the door is opened, and the LED light will show you the whole chamber. The motor has an anti-overload system to avoid malfunctioning if the motor is subjected to a higher load.
    7. The flour mill machine has seven sieves made from stainless steel and brass. Also, cleaning brushes are included.


  1. It is a 1 HP machine that produces only 7-10 kgs of flour per hour, whereas the minimum should be 10 kgs.
  2. The raw materials have to be dry before grinding.
  3. For some customers, the machine created a lot of noise.
  4. Customer care support in terms of maintenance and warranty was dismal.

3. Classic Atta Chakki Plus


Editor’s Rating – 4/5

This flour mill machine has a container and hopper capacity of 8.5 kg and can produce 8-10 kg of flour per hour.


  1. The container drum is made of rustproof aluminum alloy with an S.S. coating.
  2. The motor has an overload protection system.
  3. The machine has a child lock system.
  4. The controlling unit is a microprocessor based, which makes it fully automatic.


  1. The company does not provide demos because the machine is said to be ‘user friendly.’
  2. Customers have complained that the machine deteriorated after two months of use.
  3. Customers have also complained about the negligible after-sales service.

4. Micro Active Florence 2-In-1 Atta And Spices Grinder


Editor’s Rating – 4/5

Formed in 1994 in Rajkot (Gujarat), Micro Active produces the best flour mill machines and pulverizer machines. As a result, clients trust the brand because of its top-notch quality and its expertise in light and heavy-duty kitchen appliances. 

There is nothing better than flour mill machines that can grind spices too. However, this might not be for large-scale operations. The Micro Active Florence 2-in-1 Atta and Spices Grinder comes with a 1 HP machine with 750 W of power and a speed of 2880 RPM. The machine has a 5 kg hopper capacity and can produce 8-10 kg of flour per hour.

A kit is included in which you get a cleaning brush, six sieves (jaali), S.S. containers, a flour mill cover, a plastic ring that joins the outlet with the container, and a castle wheel.


    1. The machine only works at a low voltage of 230V, 15 AMP 50 Hz.
    2. The company offers a one-year warranty on the machine, except for the plastic, rubber, and other moveable parts.
    3. An extra masala hopper is included to make spice grinding easy.


  1. For some customers, the machine stopped working after a month.
  2. Others have complained that the machine broke down working at under capacity.
  3. Some customers have complained that the castle wheel stopped working after only a week of use.

5. Milcent NEO Talky


Editor’s Rating – 4/5

The Milcent Group has been in the market since 1960, with most shares in the domestic flour mill machinery sector.

This flour mill machine will provide you with a lifetime warranty on the grinding chamber – which is the most vulnerable part of the flour mill machine.

It also works at 230 V with a 1 HP motor. In addition, you are getting a sleek stainless steel body and a three-year warranty on the machine.


    1. Works at a low voltage of 230 V.
    2. Child Lock System included.
    3. Lifetime warranty on the grinding chamber.
    4. Built-in vacuum cleaner
    5. Three-year warranty on the flour mill machine.


  1. The customer service experience is not good, as reported by customers.
  2. Customers have complained that the machine breaks down every alternative month and the after-sales service is bad.

Things To Consider While Buying A Flour Mill Machine

A flour machine is supposed to help you take your flour business to the next level. If you want to get the best out of your investment in flour mill machines, judge every machine under the following criterion:

Grains, Spices, Or Both?

You have to be clear about which flour mill machinery is perfect for your grinding requirements. 

Resellers and dealers often try to sell a machine by misguiding the customer about what the machine can grind – grains, spices, or both.

You also have to know if the machine can grind the types of grains/spices that you want to grind. The safest option is to buy directly from a manufacturer with years of experience in the field.

The Speed And Power Of The Motor

You would want the flour to be ground fast. So you need a powerful machine – with high RPM (rounds per minute) and H.P (Horsepower).

While choosing a flour mill machine, choose the one with the highest RPM and H.P – but keep in mind that they get hot really quickly.

Grinding Blades

Grinding blades form the heart of a flour machine – because it determines the texture of the flour – coarse, fine, or thick granules.

Ensure that you choose machines with high-quality grinding blades. Blades made from rust-proof material are a bonus.


Flour mill machines are used not just by trained personnel but also by women who have started a domestic flour business. Therefore, the machines have to be user-friendly.

They cannot have a complicated SOP, and definitely cannot be too heavy for small-scale use. Therefore, you can look for machines with auto-grain detection.

It will start grinding once you put the grains in and stop grinding when all the grains are done.

Easy Cleaning

Flour mill machines can inhabit dirt and bacteria over time, so you must clean them regularly to avoid contaminated flour.

Choose a flour mill machine with an in-built cleaning system, like a vacuum cleaner, to cut down the time and effort involved. Some machines even have a self-cleaning milling option, which detects the last grain left to grind and stops the process.

We have mentioned one option of a flour mill machine with self-cleaning properties – Milcent NEO Talky.

Child Lock

Domestic flour mills are primarily based in residential areas, where children might be around the machine.

Therefore, choose a machine that has a child safety feature – that shuts off the machine if the cover is opened while the grinding is going on.


If you are working in a small or medium commercial facility, moving around the flour mill machine from time to time might be required.

You can choose to have a machine with wheels underneath for better transportation if it is too heavy to pick up.

Power Requirements

A flour mill machine has to run for hours for commercial purposes. Therefore, to cut down on power costs, invest in a flour mill machine that consumes less power in an hour – 0.75 to 1 unit.


An electric flour mill machine is bound to create noise. Hence, you must check on how much noise it creates while grinding before purchasing the machine.

Guarantee And Warranty

You don’t want your money to go to waste, especially when you have customers waiting for flour orders.

Invest in a flour machine from a reputable brand providing 1-5 years of guarantee and warranty and a good reputation in after-sales service.

Choosing A Flour Mill Machinery Had Never Been Easier!

We hope that you can zero in on the perfect flour mill machinery for your home/company. Unfortunately, the variety in flour mill machinery makes any guide too little to actually reach a decision. 

However, we highly recommend our SS304 flour mill machinery because of its multi-tasking capability, rustproof grinding blades, and excellent after-sales service.

We can recommend the Milcent NEO Talky to our competitors because it has a child-lock system, a lifetime warranty on the grinding chamber, and an in-built vacuum cleaner.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding our products. We are open to a thorough discussion with demonstrations so that you can choose the best flour mill machinery for you!

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